Tally.ERP 9

Tally is ERP solution for SMBs and it is used for Financial Accounting, Inventory Management and GST compliance.

Tally Customization

Tally customization services provided as per customer requirement and Tally used as technology platform for Tally customization. We can built solution on Tally platform for any simple or critical requirement of business organisations.

Tally Integration

Tally integration is used to avoid data duplication and to save time/cost of business organisation. We have done Tally integration using C# | ASP. net or TDL and with these technologies we connect Tally to any other software or mobile app.

Tally Implentation

As a Tally service provider we are specialized in Tally implementation and our Tally expert team implement Tally as per need of organisation.

Excel to Tally - Tally Connect

Excel to Tally import utility used to import data from excel.

Tally Service

We provide services for Tally Accounting Software like Tally support, Tally synchronisation, Tally Invoice customization etc.


With about 12 years of experience, the team at Rapidinfologix is very much competent to see to all the Tally related solutions for clients of various niches. Renowned so much so, that our clientele spans across the continent even to countries like Singapore, Dubai and South Africa  further more we also have a fair share of experience in Tally Customization, Tally Integration, Tally implementation and a deep knowledge of business processes and Tally.ERP9, along with providing ready to use solutions for various industrial segments.




Tally ERP 9 is a great business management instrument, with its full potential of stock, book keeping and professional exam classification (for example, cost focus). In this way, generally there are requirements for association at the present time which arise above the trademark in the default Tally programming. This is when the optimization pivot function is considered. The Tally is to be platformed and its purpose is to help in wider adaptation. It comes with an executable bit, an improvement and intermediate language (TDL) Tally Definition Language.

In this time, each union makes its specialty, which takes them on the path of development. This promotes interesting business prerequisites that need to be included in standard television programming. Business Development Requests A combination of business forms, securities and controls, changes in management information system (MIS), automation in different dimensions, different capabilities and programming.

Using TDL, a tally can change or improve the default behavior of a programming. This enables the change in UI, reports, expansion of information components, record print out, functionalities, and professional rationalization. Calculate the ODBC and give 7 import information to standard information groups such as CSV and XML. It has a SOAP listener that helps with online coordination and various business tools.

Tally ERP 9 supports ODBC in standard information positions like XR and CSV and import and rent information. There is a SOAP audience in Count ERP 9, which helps in online incorporation and with various professional evaluations.



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